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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

I discovered this truly excellent cooperative fantasy card game only recently (been living under a rock), but even though I am late to the party I have to say its now one of my favourite games ever! Its a fantastic card game that let you take on a role (its RPG based) of an adventurer (solo - up to 6 players) and discover locations and fight monsters, villains. You can obtain weapons, spells, blessing etc. (cards) Rules are easy to follow and the game flows well. Excellent. I would recommend to check out the many great video reviews and tutorials on Youtube. Its really good. Great art and very very good card stock quality. It comes in a huge box, as lots of expansions are available and will be added on a bimonthly basis.


Beautiful huge box with some fine artwork


The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Base Set comes with nearly 500 cards, and offers excellent value and huge re-playability. Its plays really nice solo and the sweet spot would be around 3-4 players. Do yourself a favour and check out the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game. I sleeved the base set as the cards themselves have non-white borders, meaning that these will be easily marked if not sleeved. When sleeved the card will not be marked and will remain in mint condition. Of course you can obtain the Cataphract card sleeves for Pathfinder the Card Game here on Take note that the base set + adventure deck 1 (included) will fit easily in the nice box tray, likely one or two more expansions will fit as well when sleeved. However, please take note other expansions will not fit as the tray slots will become too full.



I tried several other deckbuilders (besides Dominion) and for those who would like to discover more deckbuilding fun I hereby would like to share some thoughts and recommendations.

Rune Age

This is actually our favourite deckbuilding game. (note: with the expansion)

Its a great deckbuilding game with a typical yet great fantasy setting. Play is easy, fast and doesn't drag, basically you have to build your deck in such a way to get the most powerful card combos featuring units etc. (soldiers, creatures) in order to defeat your opponent or the game itself. Nice thing about this game that there are many different scenarios, ranging from full co-op, to full player VS player... and with several combinations available. Lots and lots of re playability. Icing on the cake is the high production value and nice artwork from Fantasy Flight Games.


In order to let the game fully shine I would say its a must to get the expansion as well. The expansion really completes the somewhat bare bones base game. This game gets my highest recommendation. You might check it out too!

Interested? Rune Age base game. Buy it here

Oath of Anvil - a must have expansion for Rune Age. Buy it here

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