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As you may know, there are actually quite a few options on the internet where you can buy sleeves for Dominion. Sleeve Dominion is managed by a Euro Board game enthusiast who was looking for an affordable way for Dominion players to obtain high quality protective card sleeves online. Easy, fast and secure.

The main reason for launching this site is to offer attractively priced quality sleeves, with international shipping fees already included. There are other sites selling Dominion sleeves, however their additional shipping fees made the total costs often too steep for most players living outside the USA and Canada. (in particular) Sleeve Dominion makes use of in-house brand, named Cataphract Sleeves.

Cataphract Sleeves have been selling successfully on ebay and received many favourable reviews by Dominion players worldwide. Sleeve Dominion strives to provide sleeves which are consistently sized, meaning that none of the sleeves should split or be too wide, or worse, too narrow. In order to ensure the best possible sleeves, each order will be manually checked. Because nothing is so disappointing and frustrating as receiving sleeves which have a high rate of failure, due to size inconsistency or faulty manufacturing errors.

Located in Hong Kong, orders are shipped promptly via Airmail, by the highly efficient Hong Kong Postal service. Currently the only sleeves offered are the ones for Dominion, however more different types of sleeves for other Euro or Ameritrash board and card games may be provided in due time.

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