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Sleeve Dominion offers affordable, high quality protective EURO card sleeves for Dominion - the popular deck building game. Due to the nature of deck building games, cards will be shuffled over and over. Therefore it might be a good choice to invest in some good quality card sleeves to protect the cards from wearing down. Most of the card sleeves available on the regular market are not the correct size, as Dominion has an unique card size.

Sleeve Dominion offers an affordable option for Dominion players worldwide to obtain these sleeves. Ordering sleeves is very straightforward and efficient. Prompt shipping via airmail is included. Last and certainly not least, all orders will be checked by hand, to ensure that sleeves are not faulty, nor wrongly sized.

Sleeve Dominion has been selling protective card sleeves on Ebay with outstanding results and 100 % positive buyers feedback. Due to the strong demand has been launched. 

Benefit from lower prices when ordering directly through this site! Ordering is easy, fast and secure with all major payment methods accepted.

Sleeve Dominion makes use of the in-house card sleeve brand: Cataphract Sleeves. A small independent company based in Hong Kong. Other sleeves on offer from Cataphract Sleeves are sleeves for Thunderstone Advance, MTG Magic: The Gathering, and Cards Against Humanity.





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