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Cataphract Netrunner Sleeves 300

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High quality thin protective card sleeves suitable for Netrunner. (fully transparent) This 300 sleeves set is more than enough to sleeve the base set of Netrunner. (252 cards) Also suitable for Thunderstone Advance, A Game of Thrones LCG, Call of Cthulhu LCG, Magestorm, Race for the Galaxy.

Will ship worldwide by airmail, free shipping. Except Italy, Africa (except South Africa) and the Middle East. Customers from South America, e.g. Brazil, Chile etc. have to be aware that orders sent may not reach their destination due to unknown reasons. No replacement orders or refunds will be issued to South American customers. Our sincere apologies. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Delivery time 1 - 4 weeks approx.




Kindly take note that we have new stock available. Some very minor differences of the new sleeves compared with the previous stock may occur. But rest assured that each order is checked by hand as usual to ensure the highest sleeve size consistency. Worldwide shipping is included!


Sold Out